Demoniaca Anniversary – Happy Birthday!

This is a great time to post an update. That’s right – exactly one year ago, Demoniaca: Everlasting Night, was successfully funded. In the early days of 2016 it was just a concept, and with your help it finally became a working game. Hana-Bi Gamer Demoniaca completes its first year of development. It’s been a really […]


After a weekend of hard work, the DEMONIACA team has just landed back in Italy. And it’s time for some considerations. EGX REZZED is a fantastic event, which definitively reflects the spirit of what it means for us to be indies. Hundreds of developers gathered to show their works in an environment of mutual respect. […]

Mission: EGX Rezzed 2017

If by chance, you’ll be in London, UK between March 30th and April 1st, you may came across to these two nefarious souls. So, in case you can remember these faces below, we’d be glad to meet you! If you unfortunately have terminal faceblindness, do not worry! You can still recognize us there wearing the […]

New Year Update!

It’s been over a month since the last update, and we are sorry about this, but we have worked really hard on the game core. Here below you find the highlights of the latest progresses done in DEMONIACA. Several ANIMATED GIFS need to be loaded, be patient! HEALTH AND DEMONIC BAR FAST AND DYNAMIC CAMERA SYSTEM […]

October Update!

After a summer break, the team is back to work diligently on the project, and now Demoniaca is taking steps forward. The main enhancements concerning the Camera System have been completed. In particular, we have introduced a room transition system that recalls those found in Castlevania SOTN, but revamped in a modern and dynamic way. […]

Summer Update!

Hello everyone! It’s been a bit of time since you’ve heard any news about us, and we aim to set that straight. Recently, we’ve been spending all our time dealing with the more boring aspects of making a video game. Project planning, workflow scheduling, goalposts for development are aspects that, while less glamorous, are fundamental […]

勝 Now it’s Official!

勝 – Victory! We did it! DEMONIACA has been funded successfully! Our little adventure on Kickstarter may have ended, but this is only the beginning of a long journey made possible by all of you. We passed through some difficult moments, but you’ve always been there to encourage us and now it’s time to get […]

To infinity… and beyond!

There are no words to say how excited we are! Success is not yet guaranteed, but the challenge we’ve faced has been extremely inspirational to us. We are looking forward to having a foundation, to really giving a concrete form to our concepts, and to show you what we are truly capable of. A question […]

The Final Stand!

Just when the campaign was looking doomed, new backers knocked on our door. Also, many existing backers increased their contributions. This has suddenly changed the fate of this campaign! Today is a memorable day. We have doubled the numbers of the first campaign, both in pledges and in community size! Now, almost a week is […]

The giant star has fallen! (maybe)

Since yesterday Kicktraq has been predicting our campaign is about to fail. Of course, we won’t give up without a fight, until the last breath. Ken Shiro – Raoh death! “The giant star has fallen!” We have just created this Thunderclap, that hopefully allows us to shout Demoniaca on Social Media, exploiting simultaneously the voice of […]

Concept Art Storming!

Adam Concept Art   In these days our tireless AKI is particularly inspired, and after a couple of Johnny Walker he has given birth to Adam and Boss concept art. So the world of Demoniaca is growing more and more, let’s hope to have the opportunity to bring it to reality. Boss Concept Art   […]

DEMONIACA has been Greenlit!

  We’ll start with some fantastic news from this week. Firstly, 300 brave men believe in us, and this is a boost in confidence for fighting until the last breath.   In other news, a thank you is in order, because we have been successfully Greenlit on Steam in less than 2 weeks! That means […]

Half way!

We’d like to report an interesting interview made to AKI, that deepens some aspects of the project. It’s also an opportunity to be happy because we have overcome half way to our goal. 3 weeks are left… the drum roll is going to begin! Ace: You tote your project as the first KOF-Vania which I […]

Okay, guys… progress report!

Today we have overcome 7K and that’s nice. After a hot start, now we are passing through the cold intermediate stage of the Kickstarter campaign. We are very confident and getting ready for the final rush that is getting closer. Very prosperous is the situation on Steam Greenlight. In 5 days we have collected over 750 YES, […]

Officially on Greenlight! Please, vote us!

196 backers, 34% of the goal reached, 1 month left. It’s an uphill battle, but we’re in the race! We have to ask you another little effort: vote YES on Steam Greenlight. It’s an important step to bring this game to life and extend our community. Love. Mnemosyne Games

Big first day!

Over 100 backers in the first day is quite amazing! Many members of our community have immediately proven their confidence in us. We just want to say thank you and keep going on this new challenge. The starting conditions are great, but we know that the hardest part is going to begin. The visibility is […]

New campaign is live!

    After much work, we are happy to tell you that the campaign has just been relaunched. If you want to help us, it’s really important that you contribute to the project in the first 48 hours. For true indie developers like us it is very difficult to gain visibility, help us to spread […]

Get ready!

  Now it’s official, the campaign will be rebooted on May 10th! More details are coming soon, stay tuned! Preview. We have added a new 2P playable character, this is the “Devilboy”! Let us know what you think about it! Love, Mnemosyne Team.

Time to reboot!

  Campaign! Time out! It’s been a hard journey for a small indie team as ours. We have received many criticisms, but not fewer are the voices supporting us. A big thank you to our 186 backers! If you are among them, you’ll be remembered in the game credits as a “Pillar”.   Thanks a lot […]

Player Enhancements 2.0!

Hi guys! While our campaign is failing, we have worked hard on the player, as only true indies are able to do! We have fixed several sprites, animations and bugs. This is the full list of NEW improvements: PLAYER MOVEMENT Front Teleport Back Teleport Wall Jump Front Jump Climbing PLAYER ATTACK Giant bomb Air Giant […]

Player Enhancements!

  Hi guys! In the latest days we have worked on the player and now we have doubled basic animation frames! Look at this: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif is worth a thousand pictures” (this .gif is a bit heavy, please wait a moment if it doesn’t work!) Love, Mnemosyne.

Combat mechanics!

My next effort will be dedicated to deepen some combat mechanics. Let me give a quick introduction of what I have in mind. In the coming updates, I’m going to articulate it with different examples. PLAYER Basic attacks of the player are: quick punch, strong punch, quick kick, strong kick. Those attacks can be combined […]

Gameplay Trailer is live!

We worked hard to realise a new trailer to show you some gameplay mechanics. Finally here we go, hope you appreciate it! The trend of the campaign is not the best, but the project is attracting interest, and this gives us the courage to move forward development. We are ready to look for other ways to […]


As we promised, from today we have a blog dedicated to the project updates. Come to register, we need your feedback. All those participating to the campaign will have a special role as “contributor” reserved, able to access exclusive development phases. Special roles will be enabled in the next few days. First steps on […]

30 days left!

  Hello guys, Demoniaca is receiving very positive feedback from the web and the media. We want to thank our backers for the support shown to us. We also received some criticisms: we are a new team and it is very difficult to gain credibility, but we won’t stop at the first difficulty. Today there […]

Demoniaca: everlasting night

Striving to build a new Tower of Babel, a clan of ancestral demons raze a village to the ground. They sacrifice all its inhabitants, but one girl survives. Gutted and apparently dead, she wakes up upon piles of smoking corpses, surrounded by pools of blood. Her own blood has been contaminated with that of the […]