After a weekend of hard work, the DEMONIACA team has just landed back in Italy. And it’s time for some considerations.

EGX REZZED is a fantastic event, which definitively reflects the spirit of what it means for us to be indies. Hundreds of developers gathered to show their works in an environment of mutual respect. For us, it’s been an unique opportunity to meet and approach our peers in this world rich with stories and innovation.

We have shown our work to many colleagues, and their feedback has been very positive. Most of them were enthusiastic​ about the level of quality we have reached in just 10 months. The core of the game is working very well, and some had the opportunity to test an early version of the game.

The videos below are a preview from the demo we showcased at EGX REZZED. As you can see, the game is playable with a simple Arcade Stick and designed to be 100% joypad compatible. This will allow for an easier porting process to consoles, and eventually PS Vita/Switch.

In conclusion, our time spent at EGX Rezzed was extremely inspiring. It provided us with the right kind of energy we needed to keep carrying on. The big next challenge? Gamescom. We’ll do our best to conquer one of those stations.

Cheers guys! See you soon.

Mnemosyne Games