After a summer break, the team is back to work diligently on the project, and now Demoniaca is taking steps forward. The main enhancements concerning the Camera System have been completed. In particular, we have introduced a room transition system that recalls those found in Castlevania SOTN, but revamped in a modern and dynamic way. The gif below is a better explanation of what it consists of.

Other news is about character skills and special rooms. You’ll find secret sanctuaries, and absorbing the souls inside them, you’ll be able to improve your skills: attack, defense, luck and intelligence. Other rooms may be added.


October is going to be dedicated to the creation of an inventory system, a very delicate, but fundamental part of the game. From today on we would like to share our progress updates on our experimental TELEGRAM DEVELOPERS CHANNEL.

Moreover you can quickly tell us your feeling and discuss about the game on TELEGRAM DISCUSSION GROUP.


Last, our website has a new look, pay a visit there:


Stay tuned.

Love. Mnemosyne Games