Hello everyone! It’s been a bit of time since you’ve heard any news about us, and we aim to set that straight. Recently, we’ve been spending all our time dealing with the more boring aspects of making a video game. Project planning, workflow scheduling, goalposts for development are aspects that, while less glamorous, are fundamental for any small team with an ambitious project such as ours.

We remain committed to keeping you informed about our progress, and we will be trying to post something of interest for backers in at least 1 to 2 updates per month until release. We ask for you to understand that we are a small team focused seriously on development of our first full project.

In the upcoming months, we wish to further develop many aspects of the game’s design and the mechanics of the central gameplay. The next step will be to concentrate on enriching the game’s level design and content. The two of these things are fundamentally intertwined.

Our final bit of good news today, is that funding from our Kickstarter campaign has just been charged and finalized.

As you can see, it’s not a large sum of money. Any of our backers who have some experience in game development will know, that amount can only go so far. The bulk of this amount will be used to face costs due to outsourced project elements like third-party software components, as well as music and sound design.

With that in mind, we would like to announce that we are arranging a Patreon campaign to allow the team additional time for development of assets, improving the quality of the game, and unlocking some stretch goals that would otherwise be left in the “unrealised ideas” pile.

Love! Mnemosyne Games