The drum roll has started, only 24 hours left the suspense as we approach the finish line is palpable. Some may think it’s not that big of a success, but having 475 people cheering for us it is a dream come true! We are proud to represent the true spirit of crowdfunding as a small team of impassioned creators.

Now it’s up to us. We are aware that this is not the true finish line, but the real starting point. We are ready for what is to come, conscious of both our weaknesses and strengths. To those with pending questions about the game, stretch goals, or rewards, it is not easy to give a quick reply to everybody, but soon we will make more announcements that should clear up any confusion. In the meantime, we will carry on with development and keep you informed about the progress.

We understand the confidence that you are putting in us, and there truly are no words to thank you as you deserve. Our aim now is to thank you with a fucking badass game.

Love! Mnemosyne Games