There are no words to say how excited we are! Success is not yet guaranteed, but the challenge we’ve faced has been extremely inspirational to us. We are looking forward to having a foundation, to really giving a concrete form to our concepts, and to show you what we are truly capable of.

A question that some of you may be asking in the last days, is about what happens at the end of the campaign? As I’m sure you know, there are really only two possible answers. One is really good, and the other is not as great. Let’s talk about the good one!  If the campaign is successful, the real journey will begin. Until now, we have focused the majority of our strength on showing you the concepts we’ve developed and trying to win your confidence. Moving forward, our entire focus will shift to active development, but our intention is to keep the growing fanbase a part of the process, like many have already been so far.

Another concern some may have regards the status of our stretch goals. Are we merely going to throw them away? By listening to your suggestions, we have begun the process of arranging for services for keep the stretch goals alive after the campaign ends. There are several ways to go about this, but we’ll likely adopt BackerKit (as suggested by Nier).

We would like to take another moment to highlight the importance of all your help and feedback. This game really would not see the light of day without each of you! Thank you again for your support!

Love! Mnemosyne.