Time out! It’s been a hard journey for a small indie team as ours. We have received many criticisms, but not fewer are the voices supporting us. A big thank you to our 186 backers! If you are among them, you’ll be remembered in the game credits as a “Pillar”.


Thanks a lot also to the journals that have devoted a little space to talk about us:



What to say..? The game is quickly improved in many ways! We have come this far by our own strength, aware to have shown just a crumb of our potential. With you, we are sure, we’ll develop a badass game!


Next step!

We are going to reboot a new campaign soon. In the next few days we’ll announce the official date. We are even organizing a parallel campaign on Patreon, like many of you have suggested. Meanwhile, please leave us a comment to tell your ideas.


Mnemosyne Games