My next effort will be dedicated to deepen some combat mechanics. Let me give a quick introduction of what I have in mind. In the coming updates, I’m going to articulate it with different examples.


Basic attacks of the player are: quick punch, strong punch, quick kick, strong kick. Those attacks can be combined in predefined sequences that allow execution of combos.

The player can execute melee attacks and long-range attacks, combining basic attacks with directional sequences.

An interesting chapter regards the guard, useful against any type of enemies, but not ever effective. In fact even those most basic enemy, will be provided of one attack able to bypass the player’s parry.

An aspect to highlight is that not all the moves are available from the beginning, but most of them must be unlocked during the story or trained, through a RPG component.


A great challenge to face, is to create a good enemies AI. My idea is to provide at least two attack moves for each mob. The fights are very hardcore for those ones not able to perform valid combinations, in fact basic attacks are not so much effective, and often for them, will be easier to escape. There will be a class of enemies more complex, that beside the basic attacks, have unpredictable behaviours and a remarkable resistance to the basic players’ attacks. With regard to the bosses, the combat mechanics will be considerably more complex and recall those of a fighting game.

It will not be easy to make effectively what I have in mind, but it is an effort due to my supporters. Stay tuned!

Love. AKI Mnemosyne


A nocturne inspiration after some Johnnie Walker.

demoniaca concept

Download wallpapers (2560×1440)


Download wallpapers (2560×1440)