Hello guys, Demoniaca is receiving very positive feedback from the web and the media. We want to thank our backers for the support shown to us. We also received some criticisms: we are a new team and it is very difficult to gain credibility, but we won’t stop at the first difficulty.

Today there are 30 days left: we would like to show you how we will carry on the project in the coming weeks.


Our website is almost complete: soon we will use our Developers Blog to publish articles and to involve our backers in to the realization of Demoniaca. Your feedback will be essential for our future decisions.


The project is still at an early stage, but we will shortly put our work in the Concept of GreenLight section to evaluate the response of Steam users. In parallel, we are also considering other alternative routes for the publication of the game.


Last but not least, we are working on the second trailer of the game: in this one we will finally show some footage of gameplay. Stay tuned!

We encourage you all to share with your friends; being noticed in this wild jungle is not easy!


Mnemosyne Games.